HDKP presentations in Pula, Rijeka and Split

Members of the HDKP, supported logistically by the University of Pula, and the Association of Court Interpreters and Translators from Rijeka and Split, made presentations entitled „Conference Interpreting in Croatia – challenges and opportunities“, for students of language, translation and interpretation courses and interested professionals in Pula, Rijeka and Split.

The presentations focused on the professional standards of conference interpreting and the role of the HDKP, but other topics were also discussed, such as the situation on the interpreting market, forms of education of conference interpreting, possibilities of engagement and employment in the EU institutions, and the role of the AIIC in the global market.

On 29 May, the presentation was given at the University of Pula by Ivanka Rajh, Elvira Mulić and Sandra Breznički Ucović, supported by the presence of our members from Istria and Italy, Daira Mrazovac, Marina Barbić Poropat and Jan Vanek.

On 30 May the presentation was given at the Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies by Toni Luburić, Elvira Mulić and Sandra Breznički Ucović. Our member from Pula, Daira Mrazovac, also attended the event.

On 2 June the presentation was given in Split by Tamara Levak Potrebica and Sandra Breznički Ucović.