More Croatian in the EU

On Thursday, 18 May, the House of Europe in Zagreb hosted a panel discussion on career opportunities for conference interpreters in the EU institutions.

Apart from Tajana Zagajski, Head of the Croatian Unit at DG Interpretation of the European Commission, the panel comprised our members Andrea Montani, Coordinator of the Croatian booth in the European Parliament, Mirko Brodnjak, staff interpreter at the Court of Justice of the EU, and freelance interpreters Nataša Mance, Bruno Štefić and HDKP president Sandra Breznički Ucović. One of the panelists, Sonja Plejić, rejoined the ranks of free-lance interpreters after six years the European Commission.

The event was part of the More Croatian in the EU Campaign,, launched by the interpreting services of the EU institutions European Parliament Interpreters and EU Interpreters. As a special treat, participants could give interpreting a try in a real booth, with the support of Ana Ivanković, staff interpreter at DG Interpretation.