HDKP General Assembly

On Thursday, 28 January 2021, HDKP held its first virtual assembly in its long history. As this year the Society members were to elect new officials, we were happy to see so many of them – a record number, in fact – gather to elect the new Steering Board, Supervisory Bord and the Court of Honour.

Sandra Breznički Ucović heads the new Steering Board, replacing Tamara Levak Potrebica as the new president of our Society. Nata Hajdu was appointed the new vice-president, Erna Ferendža Luburić will replace Ivanka Rajh as the secretary. Elvira Mulić was re-elected treasurer. The Supervisory Board has not changed its composition: Sanja Matešić, Zvjezdana Kastrapeli and Jasenka Šafran were all re-elected, as were the members of the Court of Honour: Toni Luburić, Goranka Antunović and Ljiljana Culjak.

The General Assembly thus elected the new leadership of the Society and adopted the financial plan and the general work programme for 2021. In a year that will surely go down in history as a watershed, the members discussed a number of topics of great importance for our profession. The latest developments could define the way we will do our job in the future. The Assembly also amended the Rules for the Admission of New Members and Mentorship System. Dunja Bakić was admitted as a new member. We have two pre-candidates, Gabrijela Kelemen and Suzana Požega. We wish all the best to all three of them and are looking forward to having them take part in the activities of our Society and join us in our efforts to promote our profession.