HDKP General Assembly

The marathon meeting of the HDKP General Assembly, held on 31 January 2020, brought together a record attendance. Some important decisions were adopted, and six new members and five precandidates were admitted to the Society. We congratulate all of them and hope they will be active members of the Society!

At the General Assembly, the Steering Committee reported on the operation of all committees and working groups during the last year, presented the financial statement and a report on its own activities. The president of the Society thanked individually all members who participated in any of the projects implemented during the last year, and underscored the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the HDKP’s founding as the most significant event organized last year.

The working group tasked with revising the Code of Conduct and Professional Conference Interpreting Standards had put a lot of effort into their proposal, which was discussed, and with some minimal modifications, unanimously adopted. Some other topics of importance for our profession were also discussed, and applications for membership and precandidature were examined. Six new members were admitted to the Society (Davorka Čurković, Erna Feredža Luburić, Romana Pezić, Nives Curić, Sandra Palihnić Jurina and Bruno Štefić), together with five precandidates (Jelena Mandić, Jelena Marinović, Martina Cvjetko Ljutić, Jadranka Ivančić, Tomislav Buljević). Congratulations to all of them! We are looking forward to our joint work aimed at promoting our profession!