Consecutive Interpretation Workshop

On 14 January 2022, yet another consecutive interpretation workshop was held on Zoom, in virtual format, for the first time. The workshop was organized by the HDKP Education and Projects Committee. It was tailored specifically to those colleagues who had already mastered note-taking in the consecutive mode and who wanted to refresh or improve their skills. Participants were divided into five groups with a maximum of three participants per group and had the opportunity to practice interpreting from English and German into Croatian, as well as the retour. Feedback was given by group leaders, HDKP members, and the participants themselves. The fact that the workshop was run in a virtual environment, with participants practicing in virtual rooms, switching rooms as needed, posed a number of challenges, but they were all overcome. The atmosphere was pleasant and professional, and the participants gave the workshop high marks: in their view, it was useful and well organised, and the general mood was relaxed and courteous.