How to become a HDKP precandidate?

  1. Fill in the application form for pre-candidates
  2. Submit a short CV
  3. Submit a copy of your undergraduate or graduate degree
  4. Submit a copy of your postgraduate degree in conference interpreting (no interpreting experience required)

Additional requirements for applicants who do not possess a postgraduate degree in conference interpreting:

3.a Submit a copy of a university-level degree

3.b Submit a list of days worked as proof of experience in conference interpreting (at least 20 days of conference interpreting in the past 3 years)

3.c Submit a written declaration by at least one HDKP member with at least 5 years’ seniority, certifying that the applicant really works as a conference interpreter and abides by professional standards and the HDKP’s Code of Conduct.

The application documentation and all queries regarding pre-candidatures and the mentorship system should be emailed to the HDKP Membership and Mentorship Committee at

For more detailed information on pre-candidatures and mentorship please refer to the Rules on the Admission of New Members and the Mentorship System.