Semi-annual meeting of the Society

Semi-annual meetings of the Society are an opportunity for members to gather in a different format and discuss all current topics related to the profession and activities of the Society. This year’s meeting took place on 23 September 2022 via Zoom. The Steering Board presented an overview of the activities in the past six months, while the members had an opportunity to voice their opinions and proposals. Activities for the upcoming period were announced, and members were encouraged to get involved as much as possible. We were happy to see that the precandidates were just as eager to engage as were the members.

Speech Workshop

After two years, on 4 June 2022, we finally had an opportunity to get together – live! – and work on the aspects of speech that are extremely important for conference interpreters: speech skills, speech performance and voice care, under the expert guidance of our trainer, Diana. The workshop itself was tailored specifically to the needs of conference interpreters, in theory and practice. The participants learned about the skills that are the basis of good speech performance and were able to recognise and improve those skills through targeted exercises. They were also taught how to maintain good voice hygiene.

HDKP Annual General Assembly

This year’s HDKP assembly was yet again held virtually, via Zoom, on 18 February 2022. The assembly began with a minute of silence in honour of our deceased colleagues Ivo Bićanić and Milivoj Telećan. The Steering Board went on to present its work report and the 2021 committee reports. All reports were unanimously adopted, as were the new Work Programme and the Financial Plan. The members voted to adopt an amendment to the Statute allowing virtual assemblies and adopted the guidelines for HDKP presence in the social media. As this was not an elective assembly, the members had an opportunity to discuss ideas for new activities. Watch this space!

Consecutive Interpretation Workshop

On 14 January 2022, yet another consecutive interpretation workshop was held on Zoom, in virtual format, for the first time. The workshop was organized by the HDKP Education and Projects Committee. It was tailored specifically to those colleagues who had already mastered note-taking in the consecutive mode and who wanted to refresh or improve their skills. Participants were divided into five groups with a maximum of three participants per group and had the opportunity to practice interpreting from English and German into Croatian, as well as the retour. Feedback was given by group leaders, HDKP members, and the participants themselves. The fact that the workshop was run in a virtual environment, with participants practicing in virtual rooms, switching rooms as needed, posed a number of challenges, but they were all overcome. The atmosphere was pleasant and professional, and the participants gave the workshop high marks: in their view, it was useful and well organised, and the general mood was relaxed and courteous.

International Translation Day

A belated marking of the International Translation Day brought together the bravest and most determined HDKP members on 1 Ocotber for our traditional informal gathering on this occasion. Lacking a bit of sunshine, but in a good mood, Zagrebs Upper Town served as the perfect surrounding for enjoying a cup of coffe and chatting about the profession and life in general. Everyone parted with a smile, but also with the hope that next year there will be more of us.

Workshop „Distance Interpreting – How to Position Yourself on the Conference Interpreting Market“

To mark the International Translation Day, 30 September, the HDKP organised a virtual workshop, „Distance Interpreting – How to Position Yourself on the Conference Interpreting Market“. Nata Hajdu, our vice-president, briefly went through various forms of distance interpreting and platforms used to provide interpretation remotely and presented the key costing elements. The participants were then presented with a number of scenarios, based on real-life situations, and asked to formulate their responses. The point was to ensure quality interpretation while safeguarding the quality of interpretation and the interpreters’ health. The workshop elicited a great deal of interest and was oversubsrcibed, so watch this space, we’re thinking of an encore.