Workshop – Intensive Retour Exercises

1 July 2019 – Last Friday and Saturday 16 of our colleagues had the opportunity to participate in HDKP’s Intensive Retour Exercises Workshop, where they received feedback for their retour work in the booth from experienced conference interpreters and native speakers of their retour languages. The intensive work did not prevent the participants from enjoying a great atmosphere in the company of both new and old colleagues. In addition, our guests from abroad received words of the highest praise from all participants! Continue reading

Retour workshop

A working group of HDKP’s Professional Development and Projects Committee has organized a workshop – Intensive Retour Exercises – where our colleagues, native speakers of English and German, who used to work for DG SCIC or still do will be giving feedback and advice.

The target participants of the workshop are experienced conference interpreters who regularly interpret into English or German, primarily at the EU institutions, but also on the private market. Therefore, the workshop can be a good preparation for those who are planning to take an accreditation test for the EU institutions.

Here you will find all necessary information as well as the application form.

The number of participants is limited, so hurry up and apply today!

Lea Kovács receives special recognition

Lea Kovács, a member of our Society, who is not only a conference interpreter but also a literary translator, has received a special recognition by the Iso Velikanović Literary Translation Award Committee for her translation from Hungarian of the poetry collection To the Body by Szilárd Borbély. We offer her our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the continuation of both her careers!

Tužna vijest – preminula je naša draga kolegica Maša Marušić

U velikoj tuzi obavještavamo sve članove, kolege i suradnike da je jučer u Zagrebu preminula naša draga kolegica i prijateljica Maša Marušić, jedna od osnivača našega Društva i njegova počasna članica.
Mnogima od nas Maša je bila ne samo mentorica, uzor, i velika podrška na početku našega bavljenja konferencijskim prevođenjem, već je mnogima i predavala tijekom svoje dugogodišnje karijere lektorice na Katedri za engleski jezik Filozofskoga fakulteta u Zagrebu. Učili smo od nje jezik, ljubav prema jeziku, profesionalnost, ali i blagost i ljubaznost u ophođenju i poštovanje prema temama i sugovornicima. Iako u mirovini, Maša se radovala razvoju i aktivnostima HDKP-a i odazivala pozivima na prevoditeljska druženja. Mnogo smo od nje naučili i jako će nam nedostajati.

European Parliament Call for Tender for Translation

The European Parliament, in cooperation with the Council of the European Union, the European Court of Auditors, the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Committee of the Regions, has launched two new calls for tenders for the provision of translation services into several languages, including Croatian. If interested, you can find more information and deadlines for the submission of bids on the links here below:

  1. The first call for tenders covers translations of monolingual English or French source language documents. It includes new opportunities for individual freelance translators to apply. For more details, please consult the documents at the following link:
  2. The second call for tenders covers translations of monolingual and multilingual source language documents. For more details, please consult the documents at the following link: