How to apply for membership in the Croatian Society of Conference Interpreters

  1. fill in the membership application form and the sponsors’ declaration forms
    Note: Only HDKP members with at least 5 years’ seniority who listened to the applicant’s interpretation at least once in the last 3 years may act as sponsors.
    Each language pair has to be covered by at least 2 sponsors but one person can sponsor several language pairs.
    Applicant’s language combination: A-Croatian, B-English, C-German
    The following language pairs must be covered by at least 2 sponsors each:
    – from English into Croatian (sponsors must have English as their A, B or C language)
    – from German into Croatian (sponsors must have German as their A, B or C language)
    – from Croatian into English (sponsors must have English as their A or B language)
    An HDKP member with, for instance, English B and German C can sponsor all 3 language pairs from the example above.
  2. submit a list of days worked in order to prove that the required interpreting experience criterion has been met (at least 75 days of interpretation in the last 5 years, including at least 20 days of consecutive and 20 days of simultaneous interpretation and at least 25 days with HDKP members). The list does not have to be exhaustive, but must at least meet the 75 days requirement.
  3. submit a copy of the applicant’s undergraduate or master’s degree
  4. submit a CV
    In case an applicant is unable to meet any of the admission requirements for reasons that can be justified (specificities of the job position, insufficient number of HDKP members with the required language combination, a rare language etc.), he or she can request a waiver for a specific requirement in writing. The final decision shall be made by the HDKP Assembly.
  5. The application accompanied by supporting documents as well as all queries regarding membership should be emailed to the HDKP Membership and Mentorship Committee at
    For more detailed information on membership applications please refer to the Rules on the Admission of New Members and the Mentorship System.