Code of Professional Conduct of the Croatian Society of Conference Interpreters

I. General Provisions

Article 1

  1. This Code of Professional Conduct lays down the standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality, and the working conditions which shall be respected by all members of the Croatian Society of Conference Interpreters (hereinafter: the Society). These standards are binding also for candidates for membership of the Society.
  2. Any breach of these standards shall be subject to disciplinary measures to be determined by the Society’s Steering Committee at the proposal of the Court of Honour.

Article 2

  1. Members of the Society shall be bound by the strictest professional secrecy. This obligation relates to all information that comes to the members’ knowledge during their practice of the profession. Members shall not derive any financial gain from such information.

Article 3

  1. Members shall not accept assignments which they are unable to carry out in a professional manner.

Article 4

  1. Members of the Society shall offer their colleagues all necessary assistance and collegial support. Members shall refrain from making statements and acting in any way that could harm the reputation of the Society and its members. All internal disputes shall be resolved exclusively within the Society and its bodies (Court of Honour and Steering Committee).

Article 5

  1. Members of the Society shall not accept or offer working conditions that do not comply with the Society’s standards.

Article 6

  1. If, for a period of time, a member is unable to participate in the activities of the Society, he/she shall notify the Steering Committee.
  2. If a member is unable to carry out an accepted assignment, he/she shall secure a substitute interpreter of the same quality, and shall inform the head of the interpreting team about this.
  3. Members of the Society shall work in teams only with interpreters who have suitable professional skills and ethical qualities, and who can be expected to fulfil their assignment professionally, and in keeping with this Code of Conduct.

II. Working Conditions

Article 7

  1. With a view to ensuring the best quality of interpretation, members of the Society shall request of event organizers that they provide satisfactory working conditions, i.e. suitable booths, visibility (of the speaker, projection screen etc.), good sound and the necessary comfort.
  2. Members shall not interpret simultaneously for more than one (1) hour without being relieved by a colleague.
  3. Members shall request of event organizers that they provide them with working documents and texts in good time and provide them with the necessary technical assistance. This particularly applies to texts to be read out at the conference.
  4. Members shall interpret films shown at the conference only if they are given the script beforehand.
  5. Members shall be guaranteed copyright for their interpretation. Event organizers shall record the interpreter’s output only with their prior consent. In such a case, the interpreter is entitled to a 20-per-cent higher fee.
  6. Members are entitled to a full fee for all the working days of the conference. If a working day is shorter, it shall be considered a full day if the conference is held outside the interpreter’s residence.

Working hours shall include all interruptions of work except for the lunch break. Any working hour after the expiry of six working hours, shall be considered overtime, for which the interpreter shall be entitled to a fee at least 30 per cent higher than for a regular working hour.

If it is known in advance that the interpreters will be required to work considerably longer than six hours on any given working day, members of the Society shall endeavour to negotiate increased team strength (three interpreters per booth), in which case all the interpreters shall be entitled to a full fee, but shall not charge overtime.

Adopted by the HDKP’s General Assembly held in Zagreb on 6 February 2009.