Scope of activities of Society members

Thematic Fields

Their broad education and knowledge enables our members to work in a wide range of professional fields, from politics, economics, tourism, science and technology, to the arts and sports.


Our members provide interpretation from and into the major world languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish. For other languages, for example Slovenian, Hungarian, Albanian, Romanian, Slovakian and others, members can contact their qualified colleagues, whose work they are familiar with.

ISO 639-1 language codes:

BS – Bosnian
DE – German
EN – English
ES – Spanish
FR – French
HR – Croatian
IT – Italian
MK – Macedonian
RU – Russian
SV – Swedish
SL – Slovenian
SR – Serbian
UK – Ukrainian

Find an Interpreter

In order to find an interpreter with the desired working language(s), please consult our members’ contact database.